Lawn Sweeping

What is lawn sweeping and why should I do it?

Lawn sweeping is a springtime process that removes thatch and rocks from your lawn. Thatch is the buildup of dead grass and other organic materials. Thatch may naturally accumulate in your lawn over the years. Lawn sweeping also helps remove rock build-up caused by pushing snow into the lawn over the winter. Removing thatch and rocks will allow your lawn to grow even and healthy throughout the season.

What is the application process?

This process is done by a lawn sweep in the front of a garden tractor.

Why should I hire a professional?

Thatch and rocks can fly up to 15-20 feet in front of the sweep creating a potentially dangerous situation. This job is normally dusty, could injure you, or damage personal property if not done correctly. With Tieskoetter Lawn Care's experience, you'll have nothing to worry about.